We create companies and real estate solutions that matter in the long run.


We are an independent global boutique investment firm, formed by experienced future-oriented professionals who have all had massive impact individually, and have now partnered to bring you even more value – co-led by Stefan and Nina, brother and sister, building on their father’s 40+ years of Private Equity legacy.


We know things that other people don’t know…  We provide off-market knowledge and relevant connections in over 30 countries, as well as unique expertise and in depth understanding of future markets and megatrends in a rapidly changing world.


We see things that other people don’t see…  We advise on how to innovatively reposition any company or large real estate to maximize its value and at the same time positively impact our cities and societies.


We connect the dots…  We understand the future and make sure that we create a customized solution based on a holistic, creative and innovative vision. We do not talk tactics; we talk strategy.


We do whatever it takes…  We consistently go above and beyond where other people are willing to go or are able to think, to ensure our clients’ success all whilst abiding by the highest ethical standards.


We do not stop…  We believe that persistence, work ethic, attitude, perspective, loyalty, courage and boldness make all the difference. We play the infinite game and strive to be your partners for life.


We passionately care about contributing to your wealth and significance by creating solutions that matter in the long run. We strive to make a positive impact and contribution to your future and the future of this planet.


We feel privileged and humbled to advise and partner with a substantial, exclusive, far-reaching and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions and individuals for off-market solutions across the globe.


We are here to create companies and real estate solutions that matter in the long run. We are here to serve.


NINA KALMUND has more than 23 years of experience in the construction industry, specializing in very complex high-profile projects.

Amongst other successes, Nina is an award-winning Architect; one of the few who actually understand the importance of profitability, increasing the value of any project through her cutting-edge design and disruptive thinking.

She is a visionary and her innovative business approach, as well as her unique lens to strategy, empower her clients to drive efficiency, profit and positioning – in any market.

Being one of the world’s few highly-elite Certified High Performance Coaches™, she ensures that her clients stay at the top of their game in every aspect of their business.

She is a sought-after award-winning international Speaker, inspiring entrepreneurs all over the world to be bolder, more innovative and future-oriented, passionately believing that this is what our world needs.

Nina strongly believes that we have a duty to give back. She co-created the not-for-profit conference platform ‚Street Philosophy‘ with her mother, enabling a value-driven discussion around today’s most pressing topics, like ethics or education.

Nina has recently been nominated for the Women Economic Forum Award „Iconic Woman creating a better World for All.“

Speak to Nina at nina@kalmund.com

STEFAN KALMUND has more than 27 years of experience in the Private Equity and Real Estate sector, specializing in very large, very complex, off-market deals.

Amongst other successes, Stefan has lead the build-up of a pan-German real-estate platform with $1bn in assets under management.

He has worked together with hundreds of owners and CEOs of global corporations, in over 30 countries, filtering which business models work and were worthwhile to invest in.

Stefan is a sought-after advisor and strategist due to his in-depth knowledge of megatrends; never focusing on where the ball is, but on where the ball is going to be.

He is instrumental in defining the long-term view of how an organization can evolve to maximize its potential.

As Stefan strongly believes, that it is our duty to give back, he has built an impact investing platform in India, Africa and Brazil for one of the largest global Wealth Managers.

Stefan is Board Member and Treasurer of the Harvard Business School Alumni Association Germany.

Speak to Stefan at stefan@kalmund.com